A Study In The Process Of Downsizing

There are many reasons why people downsize home. These include:

  • Your current home and garden may be too big and difficult to manage
  • You may have trouble with stairs and getting out and about
  • You want to reduce your bills like rising energy costs and day to day expenses
  • You may face large bills for repair and refurbishment of your home
  • You want to free up some money for yourself or for your children
  • You want to move somewhere that offers care, support and company
  • You want to move closer to your children and grandchildren

Despite all these reasons, many people put off making a decision about moving home until it is too late. While it is a big decision to downsize your home, taking this step is only the beginning. During the course of your downsizing move, you will have many critical decisions to make and countless arrangements to plan, organize and manage. It is likely and completely normal that you will feel very overwhelmed. You may even have no idea how or where to start. Nevertheless, rest assured that there is no need to do everything by yourself or impose on already busy family members and friends.

Are you unsure of what to keep, move or discard? The bottom line is that we have too many belongings. We’re a society of consumers. We do because we want our homes to look nice, because we inherit belongings, and simply because we can. The bigger the house, the more we fill it, right? One thing I must reinforce is to start thinking about what you want to get rid of long before the downsizing process starts. You can start by asking family and friends if they would like some of the items that you have or are interested in getting rid of. It’s easy if they live near you, but what if they live in another town, province or overseas? What will be the cost to get the items that might want delivered? Maybe you’re thinking about selling some of the items in question. There are different ways to do it.

A garage sale can be fun if you have lots of help from family and friends, but they are a lot of work and the rewards can be few. A successful garage sale involves endless organizing, including setting up a float and promoting your event. You must get up early to beat the dealers (5am) to get the items out ready for sale. A rush of keen people at first is usually followed by a long slow day. By the end of the day, you are exhausted and you may have made some money, but you need to be ready to go at daybreak for buyers the next day. And when it’s all over, you still have lot of things to get rid of… In the end, only you can decide if you are up for organizing and holding a garage sale. Because we are such a throwaway society, items that go to auction are not as valuable as they once were. Even with the most beautiful items, by the time the owner pays our delivery fee and the auction house takes its cut, the owners do not make much, if anything. The consignment boutique could be a better option if the owner delivers the item to the boutique themselves.

Many people achieve a great deal of success in selling their unwanted items online via eBay, Kijiji or Buy,Sell and Trade on Facebook. The benefit of using these forums is that stuff tends to move quickly if it is priced cheaply, and buyers are often willing to travel to you and will dismantle and load items themselves to grab a bargain. However, if you struggle with technology, going online is not always a great option. Donating goods to charities is honourable, but requires a lot of early organization. Charities are overrun at the moment, and if you have items to donate (and if they will indeed agree to take them), you need to give plenty of notice to book them to pick up your unwanted goods. In the end, sorting through and discarding your unwanted goods is a complicated and time-consuming task that you can do yourself or with the help of family and friends. However, sometimes it is easier and less stressful to get a professional in to see you through this difficult process. This is your move and it should be as stress-free as possible. Remember, the things that fill your home are just “goods” and it is better to hold on the years of happy memories you have associated with those, and let them go and allow someone else to gain pleasure from them.

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