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Abode HT Staging are domicile transition specialists.

Owner & Founder Valérie Huard

Owner & Founder Valérie Huard

We help clients with home staging services for residential sale and provide specialized assistance for seniors who require organization and decluttering services, estate sale and dissolutions services, and downsizing services. We are dedicated to a professional, personalized and caring approach to support our clients during often what are overwhelming and emotional life transitions.

Founder Valérie Huard is a certified International Staging and Redesign Professional (ISRP™) in home staging and redesign from the QC Design School and is an experienced specialist in helping seniors move and downsize.

“My interest in helping seniors is informed by personal experiences in my life. My husband is in the military and relocation and moving has been a regular element for our family. Decluttering and downsizing is a process that I’ve become quite familiar with over the years. When I founded Abode HT Staging, I wanted to share my expertise in the field, with what most people consider to be an overwhelming undertaking.”

Valérie prioritizes customer care and is dedicated to respecting confidentiality and privacy. As a unit manager and first aid instructor with the St. John Ambulance Service for over 13 years, her considerable knowledge of safety, injury prevention, security and emergency response is a strong asset when looking after the best interests of seniors. Valérie is pleased to offer her services in both English and French.

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