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The importance of decluttering and how it change our life positively

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” ~John Maeda, the Laws of Simplicity

Nearly everyone has this moment dawning upon him where they realize how cluttered their life is and how deeply they need decluttering. Everything that is constant but pointless needs to be detached for you to start a new beginning. Your life may seem perfect to an outsider, but personally, you feel stuck and frustrated; this is where decluttering comes in; it helps you organize your home in a way that makes you feel ecstatic in every way be it emotionally, spiritually, physically. It is a fact that cannot be denied that cluttering effects the overall flow of positive vibes throughout your home and your body. It is quite usual to feel held back by your environment. It can be a piece of furniture, an unfinished project, a broken vase that was a gift from someone close, a gift you have kept for someone “in case they pay you a visit,” even your old clothes, half used make-up. Everything that is there to bring back some old unpleasant feelings or is holding you back from doing something new and exciting is something that you have to declutter.

Set your priorities:

First and the foremost thing that you have to do is set your priorities, take actions for what is just a dream or desire that it is being postponed due to a family obligation or work. It is paramount for a positive life that you live stress-free and focused on what you are doing NOT on what you should be doing. It is a known fact that two physical objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Whenever it comes to a second choice we always have to choose between two things; either this or that. Same should be the case with your inner self; you must not keep two thoughts or duties in the same compartment of your brain not only will it confuse you but will stress you out to your core. No matter how much you change your surrounding, there will always come a moment where you will be contemplating on what you SHOULD BE doing instead of what you ARE doing. Make 2017 a clutter free year both physically and emotionally. Try to forgive and forget, move from negative thinking to positive thinking as both cannot co-exist. Set yourself free by choosing what you SHOULD do not what you are supposed to do.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure:

Secondly start decluttering your shed or any storage place where you hide your “unwanted treasure.” Strat clearing out anything that is a burden on the space and clutter for your positive growth. Everything from a year old magazine, empty plastic cans, rusty tins of dried paints, an old rocking chair with a broken arm place, birdcages, declutter them all. It’s not necessary that you have to throw things away. You can always donate them to various charitable organizations which will not only declutter your space but will also give you this sense of profound joy of helping someone in need. As the saying goes “One man’s treasure is another man’s trash”; what is trash for you might be a bundle of joy for someone else.

Unconscious consumerism:

We all are guilty of unconscious consumerism, and this dawns upon us when we look at ourselves and see our space occupied by things that we rarely use and this sense of guilty engulfs us; takes away any bit of satisfaction we had while shopping. We are all so enamored by the innovations and updates in technology that yesterday’s breakthrough easily becomes tomorrow’s trash. So what you can do is get rid of all the old printers lining in the storage room because you got a newer much-updated version, a TV because you got a giant flat, rear projection television, or anything that is there unused since ages because you have got a replacement for that. Decluttering such valuable clutter is always hard, but nevertheless, you have to for a positive change in your life.

Sensibility vs. sentimentality: 

The life-enhancing energy called chi, according to the Chinese must flow freely in our homes, but it is normally blocked because of the presence of emotional, physical or spiritual clutter. So the first and foremost clutter that needs to be handled is the physical one as the physical opens the doors to the positive change to start. Invigorating and reorganizing your life is always a battle between sensibility vs. sentimentality. There are things that you are attached to and even though you are not using them for ages still have a spot in your heart where you regard them as treasure. It is this kind of pressure that blemishes your beginning of decluttering. Chi involves both the positive (yang) and the negative energy (yang). In order to bring a positive change, you obviously need to harness the positive energy, as stated above to (or “intending to”) harness the positive energy you need to declutter everything that sets you back to the past and blocks the way for positive vibes to flow in your space. Decluttering also does not mean that you should have empty spaces as nature despises vacuum; so instead of leaving you space empty it with light, plants, colors and everything that will bring in positivity.

Consult a specialist:

Let’s face it decluttering on your own can be a stressful, loathsome, and tiresome job. Well, why do it alone when you can have professionals for this job. Experts at Abode Staging will not only help you in decluttering but will also assist you with organizing and reconstructing your entire home. Professional organizers at Abode HT Staging will guide you from the very moment you decide to declutter and reorganize your home.

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